Kadak Masala Chai

Udyan Tea   From Silguri

Kadak masala chai is a strong milk tea blend created using fine quality C.T.C tea grains and Indian spices like cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper & bay leaves. The blend follows the age old Indian recipe used in several households for everyday tea. The best way to prepare this tea is by boiling with water and milk and adding sugar according to taste.
Exquisitely packaged in a champagne gold airtight caddy, perfect for all your needs.
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We're a tea consultancy and premium tea brand based in Darjeeling district, who believe that teas aren’t just beverages, they’re a lifestyle – a delicious medley of art and expertise. With over 50 variants of the finest single estate teas sourced directly from the best gardens in the country and blends crafted in-house with diligent research and evaluation, our collection is unique and varied. Created by master tea tasters with over 15 years of combined tasting experience, our teas are on a crusade across the globe, with more than 20 million cups served in over 40 countries.

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We guarantee that we always sell 100% authentic and fresh tea in vacuum-sealed packs to ensure the aroma, freshness and flavour of the tea is retained for your enjoyment. However, as a result of any error from our side, if you find that you have been delivered the wrong tea or the packaging was not sealed properly, you can contact us for return and refund. Although such a situation is highly unlikely, we hope you understand that humans are prone to errors. We will correct any such situation by issuing you a full refund or replacement. To avoid situations where the flavour of any tea that you have ordered does not suit your taste, we advise that you order and try the sample pack first before ordering. We do not accept returns for items that are not personally liked by you.

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