Q.1 What does Bozorr mean?
The name Bozorr is derived from the Uzbek word meaning ‘Bazaar’. It allows you to immerse yourself into the beautiful world of inspiring products and choose high quality designs to redefine your life.
Q.2 What is Bozorr trying to do?
Bozorr aims to discover objects and designs which take a lot of time to surface when searched using traditional methods and thereby simplifying your online shopping experience. It offers aesthetic products which are designed to last.
Q.3 How is Bozorr different from other shopping platforms?
Bozorr respects your time and finds and presents you the best designs available so that you can sit back and relax. The designs which inspire you and simplify your taste across all the categories.
Q.4 How will I order my product on Bozorr and then track it?
Once you select the product from Bozorr, you’ll be directed to the original site of the product. For tracking, you can use the order no. to track your product on the parent website itself.
Q.5 Which payment gateway does Bozorr use?
Bozorr redirects you to the original product website for completion of the payment process. So the payment gateway used by that website will serve for the completion of the process.
Q.6 How Bozorr is helping me in keeping up with the latest trends?
Knowing the fact that everything has a shelf life, Bozorr believes in regularly updating and keeping up with the latest designs. We want to be updated, for you to be upto date.
Q.7 Are the prices on Bozorr and original website in sync with each other?
When our curators curate certain product from the original website, the prices are real prices at the time of uploading the product. It may vary if any scheme or discount is further given by the original website. Bozorr is in no control of the prices mentioned on the original website.
Q.8 What if the product is unavailable on the original website?
Ans. If in case, the product which you intended to buy is out of stock on the original website, please have a little patience till your favourite product is available again on the website.
Q.9 I have a great sense of selecting unique products, can I curate on Bozorr?
Yes, why not? Bozorr loves curators and will be more than happy to guide you on how to become one. Simply click on the Become a curator tab, fill up the form and we'll let you know further.
Q.10 Can Bozorr help me sell my products ?
If you think you have truly amazing products that differentiates your collection from rest of the marketplace, then Bozorr can help you showcase your business online. Click on [email protected] to join us.