Bozorrians are Optimistic. They work with Zeal, are Observant, Responsible and Rational. We work to bring together a place for people, which meets all their lifestyle needs.  We focus on building Retailer-consumer relation on the grounds of trust and honesty.

Why Bozorr?

Quality work with maximum opportunities to learn and grow. Practicing creativity and smart work are all a part of Bozorr. We promote constant learning and motivate employees to take up responsibilities that help build their discipline


We believe in giving back to the community and fulfilling obligations towards the society. Creativity and smart work is the backbone of every team. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Bozorr strikes the perfect balance between Work and well being and a room to grow, because lets agree no one likes Dull Jack.

Learn and Grow

A good leader motivates his employees to grow and learn. Our mentors enable you to refine your skills, improve creativity and being challenged with engaging work will help improve your talents.

Stay Informed

Communication is a key aspect behind any success. Hence, we ensure proper communication between us and our employees. Regular meetings, newsletters, online interaction are few ways through which all business related information is shared across the entire organisation.

Bozorr Online Shopping Website.

Open Positions

We are looking for potential people who are as enthusiastic as us, who can help us achieve our aim of growing as a curated market place. Enabling consumers to find fresh, unique and amazing products.

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