About Us


How the world has become digitilized and brought us more closer to the people around the globe. This era has definitely worked in our favour. Bozorr takes a step in this virtual world by connecting you to the awesome and wonderful products, thoughtfully selected and precisely chosen by our curators. What’s more amazing is that all of this is just a click away!


Bozorr, sounding much like the Indian origin word "Bazaar", is here to change the way you shop. Our sole purpose is to streamline and simplify the online shopping experience for you by enabling you to find exactly what you're looking for across best retailers and best brands.


Our user-friendly platform features a number of special and exceptional products that will lead you to have an unforgettable and delightful shopping experience! All these products are derived from smaller platforms as well as larger marketplaces wherein each product has a story and inspiration behind its origin.


Bozorr is basically a community having unique, curated products from the various online shopping platforms.All you need to do is, log in to Bozorr, browse the products that match your taste, find out what people are curating in your own feed and create your own style.